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Inaugurated in 1994, the Laval Cosmodome is the only institution in Canada that is fully devoted to widespread enlightenment on the space sciences.

Through its three interactive, virtual missions inaugurated in 2012, the Cosmodome has become an outer space edutainment provider offering opportunities to raise public awareness of the joys of space sciences, by means of an approach based on the following experiential pillars: looking, listening, participating and experiencing. This approach contributes toward appealing to the senses and emotions in order to stimulate intuitive attention and learning in an immersive environment.

With over 150,000 visitors per year, the Cosmodome is a destination for all Canadian families and also for school groups from all Canadian provinces, from the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Cosmodome is recognized as a major regional player in scientific literacy and recreational tourism. It is one of the metropolitan facilities of the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal (CMM), just as the Montreal Botanical Garden, for example, thereby giving Canada-wide visibility to the City of Laval and Greater Montreal as a whole.


The mission of the Cosmodome: To live and share with all our passion for space exploration!

The Cosmodome aims to stimulate the general public’s interest in space exploration and scientific culture. Above all, it is committed to:
• Educate youth and families about science, primarily space science;
• Contribute to the awakening of interest in science and to the increase in the number of science students;
• Contribute to the development of careers related to science and space and support the presence of women and people from cultural communities in science. 

To do this, it promotes experiential learning in an immersive environment and draws on the fascinating history of space exploration, the exceptional achievements and gigantic challenges of the space pioneers and the new conquerors of interplanetary navigation.


A non-profit organization governed by a federal charter granted on June 13, 1994, the Cosmodôme is composed of a Board of Directors with a maximum of 20 members, including a maximum of 7 members who form the Executive Committee.

Four times a year, the members of the Board of Directors meet to ensure the sound management of the organization. To do so, three governance committees have been created: the Human Resources Committee, the Financial Management Committee and the Research and Development Committee.


Ian Galipeau, Chairman

Jack Benzaquen, Vice-Chairman

Benoit Lecours, Secretary

Pierre Barabey, Treasurer

Robert Lamontagne, Director

Yvon L’Abbé, Director

René Brisson, Director

Luc-Olivier Herbert, Director

Christiane Hémond, Director

Frédéric Greschner, Director

Cédrick Lalaizon, Director