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Cosmodome camps provide youngsters and their parents with an opportunity to enjoy a unique experience, while being accompanied by a team of devoted counsellors. Activities related to astronautics and robotics, fun-filled workshops and immersive experiences are all part of most of our camps and are an excellent way of developing a passion for space sciences and careers related to the world of astronautics.

Overnight accommodations are in rooms that resemble the atmosphere of sleeping modules inside the International Space Station. The training simulators are similar to NASA’s and the training room includes a replica of the Endeavour space shuttle.


The Cosmodome day camps provide an opportunity for 6-13-year-olds to be introduced to the world of outer space, to astronautics and even to space exploration careers! The participants will enjoy a unique, immersive experience in a spectacular setting!


Looking for astronaut trainees! Experience, discover and explore astronauts’ lifestyle and their training for a space mission. Feel weightlessness and disorientation and experience what it’s like to walk on the moon, as if you were really in outer space! Who can say that they toured the solar system during their vacation?! Astronaut trainees, slip into your spacesuit!


Experience the space adventure together with the family! Take part in astronaut training and try out our weightlessness, disorientation or moonwalk simulators. In the evening, sleep in Space Station-like space modules. And the high point of the camp: Be part of a mission aboard the Endeavour space shuttle, as the clever engineer in Houston or as a courageous astronaut. Communication between crew members and teamwork are crucial to the success of the mission!