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Training simulators

Try out the training experiences that astronauts undergo before their perilous mission in outer space. Each simulator is designed to recreate a specific situation that astronauts have to face, either at the International Space Station or in outer space: disorientation, weightlessness, moon walking, and more …


The Manned Maneuvering Unit (MMU), a self-sufficient transport system, enables astronauts to move freely in space. Trainees learn how to control a MMU and try to repair a satellite.


Used during the Apollo program to train astronauts to walk on the Moon, this simulator is suspended by springs that compensate for 5/6 of a person’s weight, giving the impression of less gravity—like on the Moon. Trainees learn how to walk and grab objects on lunar soil.


This simulator allows you to move freely in almost every direction. This freedom of movement allows the astronauts to work in positions that would not be possible on Earth. For example, the astronauts can work upside down without feeling discomfort.


Aboard the International Space Station, there are no floor, ceiling or walls. There are only faces, enclosing the space in which you float freely. The Space Station Mobility Trainer (SSMT) reverses the usual indications of orientation and forces you to rethink how you carry out daily tasks.


Since 1960, the astronauts train against the effects of spatial disorientation, by learning to correctly interpret the nature of instability and react to it appropriately.


Under conditions of weightlessness, there is no point in hurrying! The slightest little push shoves you backwards; the smallest movement propels you farther than you wanted. You will see this for yourself as the simulator gives you the impression of floating.

To try out the simulator all participants must

  • Minimum height of 1.28 m (4’2”)
  • A maximum weight of 100 kg (220 lbs) are required
  • Participants must wear comfortable clothing (skirts are prohibited)
  • Shoes covering the entire foot (sandals are not permitted).

Participants not meeting these conditions will not be allowed to try out any simulators.