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The Cosmodome presents you a concept of interactive, virtual missions where you become a space exploration hero! Embark on the adventure in store for you on one of the 60-minute journeys offered to you. As the missions are presented continuously, no reservations are required*. Through short films and interactive games, take up the challenges of the space explorers in a futuristic setting!
*Reservations required for a group of ten (10) or more


Embark on a journey through time and discover the great achievements in the early days of space exploration. To better grasp the extent of these accomplishments, you will have to try and take up these challenges yourself. Dive into the heart of that race against time that travelling into outer space and sending the first human on the Moon truly are.

Each chapter has its own share of challenges. Such a colossal adventure can succeed only with people who have outstanding qualities. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?

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As soon as you are installed in the space capsule, you will be catapulted further and further away from Earth at a breathtaking speed. The destination of this journey? None other than the Red Planet. Alone, billions of kilometres away from Earth, you will have to brave unpredictable situations, adapt to extreme travel conditions, struggle to preserve your physical and mental health and accomplish technical feats beyond compare. Be among the first humans to attempt this perilous odyssey to the planet Mars!


The most fascinating destinations are often very remote and located in a hostile environment. In order for your journey to the solar system to be successful, you will have to send your faithful guide—a courageous probe—on a mission to the planet of your choice. A probe prepared to face all the dangers and penetrate the mysteries of unknown regions. Behind each probe, a human being is hidden from view, and behind each human there is a secret mission. It’s up to you to find yours…
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