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All Abord

Space exploration is still ongoing to this day. What are now some of its objectives?

Fill the blank.

Unique experimental conditions, for instance, for health or agricultural experiments,                                       radar data.

With its 27 metres length, this imaginary vessel from a series where the Force is strong is slightly smaller than the Space Shuttle's orbiter. What is its name?

lnspired by the V-2 rocket, this multiple stage machine able to launch and land vertically on its many fins, takes after its structure and pattern. To which comics universe is this rocket associated?

Launch vehicle used in the Apollo program, this 111-metre-high rocket is build from three million different pieces and includes three propulsion stages. What is its name?

Since its first flight on 15 June 1988 until the last, on 15 February 2003, it made 113 successful launches. This rocket proved ideal for launching communications and Earth observation satellites as well as those for scientific research.

Many animais participated in space flights, among which the dog Laika, some mice, insects and a few primates. What was the name of the first primate to fly in a spaceship?

What is the name of the prototype of the Space Shuttle used to test landing that also derives its name from a spaceship in Star Trek?

I am a reusable space capsule built by SpaceX. My owner also possesses the electric car company  Tesla and sent one in space!  Who am I?